Welcome to Royal Fabric Garden

A world of various hand-crafted floral arrangements


    Right here, you can see a variety of fully hand-made artificial flower pieces designed and created for different events, festivals, interior/exterior decors, and dressing adornments. When it comes to selecting floral arrangements as presents or for certain purposes, some issues you must be aware of in the first place includes the meaning of flowers, the floral arrangement culture, the materials adopted in the creation of every products and most importantly, the techniques used to hand craft each piece of floral arrangements.

    What makes us distinct from others is the unique customizing service. We can custom design and hand-make floral arrangements based on your special requirements, including appointed style, flower species, colors, sizes and materials to fully meet your need.

    For more information on our company profile, product-related details and ordering processes, please view through our website or contact us by email or phone. We cordially welcome any kind of inquiries and are at your service all the time.  


Royal Fabric Garden


Mrs. Amy Haung